Koto Sushi

About Us

Welcome to Koto Sushi, located at 719 Sansom St #1Fl in Philadelphia, your ultimate destination for authentic Japanese cuisine. Specializing in a variety of Japanese dishes, we offer a diverse menu featuring sushi, sashimi, ramen, Hibachi and so on.

At Koto Sushi, we take pride in our unique culinary offerings and exceptional service. Our sushi is carefully crafted, showcasing the perfect blend of traditional techniques and fresh ingredients. From fresh sashimi to tempting Hibachi, our menu highlights the authentic flavors of Japan.

The ambiance of our restaurant is an integral part of the experience—elegant and tranquil, providing an ideal setting for your dining pleasure. Whether you’re gathering with friends or celebrating a special occasion, Koto Sushi is the perfect place to savor delicious Japanese cuisine and enjoy a refined dining atmosphere.

We invite you to visit us at 719 Sansom St #1Fl, and let Koto Sushi be your choice for experiencing the taste of Japan and indulging in a delightful dining ambiance. We look forward to sharing wonderful moments with you!

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TEL : 267-239-2250